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July 17, 2012, 8:00am

Heart to Art: Thao Votang and Brian Willey of Tiny Park (Part I)

Living half a block from West Chelsea's gallery scene equalled art overload for this former New York City resident. I figured I wouldn't find the same convenience in Austin, TX...until I discovered the adorable apartment gallery Tiny Park, within walking distance of my flat. Tiny Park's petite size belied its creative and compelling exhibitions, organized by owners Brian Willey and Thao Votang. Less than a year after opening their doors to the public, Tiny Park moved to a proper commercial space on Austin's east side. I spoke with Willey and Votang about their plans for the new, not-so-Tiny Park. — Brian Fee, Austin contributor

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June 29, 2012, 8:15am

40 Galleries You Should Know if You Love Paint

It is a simple truth that in any given month, if you added up all of the available space in commercial galleries around the country, the amount dedicated to painting would dwarf that of all other media. The list that I have compiled consists of 40 United States’ based galleries that have a proclivity for painting. That is not to say that painting is the only medium that these galleries show; indeed, most represent artists producing work in a range of media. All of them, however, have shown a particular interest in the medium over an extended period of time, and all have stables of artists that are at least 50% painters.

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June 29, 2012, 2:30pm

New American Paintings Remembers Ivan Karp

Legendary New York art dealer, Ivan Karp, has passed away at age 86. Ivan has the distinction of being the only gallerist to ever juror an edition of New American Paintings – all other jurors have been curators. He did so in early 1997, and the result was Issue #10, which is the only issue we ever published that was solely dedicated to New York City (the city subsequently became a part of our annual Northeast issue). Ivan is also the only juror that I have sat with through the entire jurying process; it was a long, cigar-smoke filled afternoon in the offices of his SOHO-based gallery, O.K. Harris Works of Art, that I will never forget.

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June 25, 2012, 8:15am

Abstraction in the Forecast; Gabriel Pionkowski at New Yorks Galerie Lelong

New American Paintings can work in mysterious ways. When Lisa Freiman, Senior Curator and Chair of the Department of Contemporary Art at the Indianapolis Museum if Art, completed the jurying of our 2012 Midwest Competition, the results of which will be published in August as Issue #102, we had a discussion about the overwhelming amount of abstraction in the applicant pool; indeed, the book will strongly reflect this.

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June 25, 2012, 9:30pm

Breaking News: Artnet Magazine Ends 16 Year Run

As reported by GalleristNY:

Artnet magazine, an online publication that has served as the journalistic arm of the German-based tech company by that name, will cease publication today, after 16 years as a leading voice in the field of arts journalism.

The news comes on the heels of Hans Neuendorf’s decision to resign after 17 years as the company’s CEO. Details are still developing, but what is known is that Artnet officially closed all three of its magazine offices today in New York, Berlin and Paris.

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June 22, 2012, 8:32am

Art+Auction's 50 Next Most Collectible Artists

An interesting article from Art & Auction on the 50 Next Most Collectible Artists. Some obvious omissions: Joe Bradley, Richard Aldrich and Sarah Braman, among them. However, we are glad to see New American Paintings' alum Matthew Day Jackson on list, who was featured in the magazine in 2001 while he was still an MFA candidate at Rutgers.  Enjoy the full article from after the jump. Let us know who you think is missing in our comments section.

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May 18, 2012, 8:30am

Unlocking The Vault: Bridget Riley, Wadsworth Antheneum

Museums have gone crazy for traveling group blockbusters but the works in their collections can still inspire. In the coming months, our Boston Contributor, John Pyper, will explore some of the works in permanent collections in a column called: Unlocking The Vault

Bridget Riley, Shuttle II, 1964
Wadsworth Atheneum

May 01, 2012, 8:35am

Painted Diplomacy: Tomokazu Matsuyama Speaks at AU

Thematic arts programming abounds during the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

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April 12, 2012, 8:15am

Culver City Art District Gallery Guide and ZList

Over the past few years we have come across Zach Peabody, an artist and art observer, at the various art fairs throughout the country. Usually when we find him, he's got his camera pointed at the walls of the fair, documenting as much art as he can. When asked what he does with the photos, he mentioned that he puts the thousands of photographs on Facebook to stimulate conversation about the contemporary art world.

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April 02, 2012, 10:53am

60 Minutes: Even in tough times, contemporary art sells

Did you catch the 60 Minutes report on the current state of the contemporary art scene? "Art Market" aired on April 1, by Morley Safer, produced by Ruth Streeter.

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