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Back in December, I wrote an article in which I suggested that, after a number of years in which abstraction has been the dominant mode of painting in the “contemporary art world,” we might start to see an upswing in image-based painting. It is not exactly a Delphic prophecy given the way in which today’s market driven art world is constantly craving the next best thing, and, I might add, in ever more compressed cycle times. In conducting my monthly survey of commercial gallery shows this month I was struck by the amount of representational work on view, and even more so by the “academic” rigor much of it evinces. So what am I talking about? Have a look… – Steven Zevitas, Publisher

Deborah Oropallo. Courtesy of Catherine Clark Gallery, San Francisco.

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April 15, 2013, 8:30am

20 Paintings Shows You Must See In April

Our Publisher, Steven Zevitas, has narrowed down our April Must See List even further on the Huffington Post. After the jump, find out what he thinks are the top 20 painting exhibitions around the country.

Original Post can be found on the Huffington Post.

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April 06, 2012, 8:45am

Must See Painting Shows: April

More than twenty alumni of New American Paintings are featured in exhibitions around the country this month. If you live in New York City, be sure to catch Franklin Evans' exhibition at Sue Scott Gallery. Evans continues to push the medium of painting in a way that blurs the line between painting, sculpture and installation. In San Francisco, Kate Shepherd is currently on view at Anthony Meier Fine Arts. I have been a fan of Kate's work for many years. She has always exhibited an extraordinary sensitivity for form and space; her latest works continue this exploration with a variety of media.

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