Radiant Fields: 7 Questions for Benjamin Edmiston

Benjamin Edmiston, Boxer's Nose, Snake Brains, 2011 | Gouache, acrylic and silkscreen on paper. Courtesy the artist.

Currently featured in #93, the MFA Annual edition of New American Paintings now on newsstandsBenjamin Edmiston's latest work — elaborate paintings, drawings, and collages — is also on view at Nudashank in Baltimore as part of the group show Radiant Fields (also featuring Edward Max Fendley and Steven Riddle). The show opened over the weekend, so I took the opportunity to catch up with Edmiston to play a severely abridged game of 20 Questions. His thoughts on influences, music, and beer (and lots of pictures) after the jump.  —Matthew Smith, DC Contributor

Benjamin Edmiston, Untitled, mixed media on canvas. Courtesy the artist.

Name some of your painterly influences:
Karl Wirsum, Jockum Nordstrom, Christopher Daniels, Bill Traylor, Devon Troy Strother, David Hockney, Paul Wackers, Kim Dorland, Horace Pippin.

A painting/artist that you’ve seen recently that has stuck with you:
Matthew Craven has a show up now at Allegra LaViola, NYC. His large-scale pieces are extremely impressive and have inspired me to tackle larger work.

Benjamin Edmiston. TOP: Bake oven job, BOTTOM: Jock Jam. Both mixed media on paper. Courtesy the artist and Nudashank, Baltimore.

Artists working in non-painterly media that you think about a lot:
This was my first semester at Brooklyn College, working with Vito Acconci. I’ve found his writings on art and design to be a great addition to my studio practice.

Favorite/least favorite part about being an artist in Brooklyn:
Space and rent can be an obstacle, but I love living here. Being in close proximity to museums, galleries, and other artists is always of benefit to my painting.

In your studio: music, NPR, or meditative silence?
In the morning, it’s normally NPR with my breakfast. The rest of the day: Bob Dylan, Captain Beefheart, Leon Russell, Howlin’ Wolf and Dire Straits.

Benjamin Edmiston, When you awake (you will remember everything), 2011 | Collage and gouache on paper. Courtesy the artist.

Music that’s on repeat on your iPod right now:
Favourite Sons - "The Great Deal of Love"

Miller Lite or Bud Light?
Miller High Life, actually. But I appreciate your mature, light beer choices.

Benjamin Edmiston, Weeds | Gouache, acrylic and silk screen on paper. Courtesy the artist.

“Radiant Fields” featuring the work of Benjamin Edmiston, Edward Max Fendley, and Steven Riddle, is on display at Nudashank in Baltimore through June 25.

Matthew Smith is an artist and writer in Washington, DC and a frequent contributor to DCist.