PROCESS: Eddie Martinez & The Birth of a Skeleton

I dropped by Eddie Martinez's studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn recently to hang out and shoot the shit. Eddie and I chatted while he buzzed around the studio working on four different canvases simultaneously. One of which was a rather chipper skeleton with a bright red nose, shrouded in the negative space of black oil. (And each of those defining traits wouldn't last long.) Over the course of an hour, through spray painting, scraping, and constant revision, the features of the skeleton began to take several forms. The following is the life of a single painting during my studio visit, with some extraneous studio shots, including the work in its final incarnation. More pics after the jump.  —Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large

Eddie's work will be featured in a Spotlight spread in the forthcoming Northeast issue of New American Paintings, edition #92, available on newsstands February 15!


Eddie Martinez, hard times are over, 2010 | Oil,acrylic and spray paint on panel, 24 x 30 inches. Courtesy the artist and ZieherSmith, New York.

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