Making it to the Big Stage: New American Paintings Alumni on View at Art Basel Miami 2017

I have said it before, but one of my greatest joys these days is watching the careers of artists featured in New American Paintings explode. Working with curators, we review the work of more than 6000 artists every year and try to identify those who are exceptional. We take this job VERY seriously.

The way the art world is structured these days, there is, perhaps, no bigger stage to present your work than Art Basel Miami. Thousands of art lovers attend each year and just about every major collector and curator from around the world is there. There are at least two-dozen of our alumni on view this year, which is extraordinary. Some of these artists, such as Jordan Casteel and Loie Hollowell, have gained international attention just in the past twelve months. If you receive New American Paintings, as hundreds of collectors and curators do, you would have discovered their work before they entered the gallery system. Join us. – Steven Zevitas, Publisher

Whitney Bedford, Issue #121, 2015

Courtesy of Art : Concept

Sascha Braunig, Issue #92, 2011

Courtesy of Foxy Production

Andrew Brischler, Issue #98, 2012
Courtesy of Gavlak

Sarah Cain, Issue #37, 2001 and Issue #73, 2007
Courtesy of Galerie Lelong & Co.

Brian Calvin, Issue #11, 1997
Courtesy of Anton Kern Gallery

Jordan Casteel, Issue #115, 2015
Courtesy of Casey Kaplan

Anna Conway, Issue #74, 2008 and Issue #110, 2014
Courtesy of Fergus McCaffrey

William Cordova, MFA Annual, 2003
Courtesy of Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

Liam Everett, Issue #25, 1999
Courtesy of Altman Siegel

Mark Flood, Issue #66, 2006
Courtesy of Peres Projects

Jonathan Gardner, Issue #101, 2012
Courtesy of Casey Kaplan

Magalie Guerin, Issue #119, 2015
Courtesy of Corbett vs. Demspey

Trenton Doyle Hancock, Issue #42, 2002
Courtesy of James Cohan Gallery

Loie Hollowell, Issue #93, 2011
Courtesy of Pace Gallery

Caitlin Lonegan, Issue #109, 2013
Galerie nachst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwalder

Ryan Mrozowski, Issue #80, 2009
Courtesy of Galerie Nordenhake

Erik Parker, Issue #92, 2011
Courtesy of Mary Boone Gallery

David Schutter, Issue #59, 2005 and Issue #65, 2006

Courtesy of Magazzino

Garth Weiser, Issue #74, 2008
Courtesy of Casey Kaplan

Summer Wheat, Issue #98, 2012 and Issue #104, 2013
Courtesy of Andrew Edlin Gallery

Patrick Wilson, Issue #73, 2007
Courtesy of Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

Brenna Youngblood, Issue #103, 2012
Courtesy of Honor Fraser

Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Issue #95, 2011
Courtesy of Corbett vs. Dempsey

John Zurier, Issue #55, 2004
Courtesy of Galerie Nordenhake