The gem to end all gems on Eddie Martinez's studio wall

The 'winner' for best studio visit of 2010 goes to Eddie Martinez. Hands down.

On a recent visit to Eddie's space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, there was plenty of eye-catching stuff: a book on the work of Hans Hoffman, several recent (and intensely great) works on paper, graffiti tags spray-painted onto walls, not to mention the slew of paintings that Eddie was working on simultaneously while darting around the studio. The most amazing find, however, was this decades-old, barf-worthy clipping of Sylvester Stallone working on a painting on his Malibu terrace. And, since Martinez's oeuvre has long been informed by still life, the caption at the bottom is especially ironic.

Martinez will be featured in a Spotlight spread in next month's Pacific Coast edition of the magazine (on newsstands soon). More pics from Eddie's studio visit on the blog next week.  —Evan J. Garza, Editor-at-Large

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