Devin Troy Strother in the New York Times

There was a great article on artist Devin Troy Strothers (NAP #85) in the New York Times yesterday. Below is an excerpt and link to the full article. - NAP

Devin Troy Strother | Reshaunda Reciting Her Monologue "The Kurt Schwitters And Colored Paper Untold Stories, 2011, acrylic, paper and wood on panel, 12" x 16"   Courtesy Monya Row Gallery

[RE-POST NY Times, September 15, 2011]

Devin Troy Strother: ‘The Me and You, Your Mother and Maybe Even Your Cousin Too & The Hey Sister, Soul Sister Go Sister, Woah Sister.’ By

As suggested by its loquacious title, there’s a lot going on in Devin Troy Strother’s terrific first New York solo, which is full of many small things. The artist, born in California in 1986, explains in a news release that he conceived the show as a self-portrait, and it does seem to offer an index of at least some of his interests, most of which lie in art.

Sculpture is one: a set of free-standing shelves in the center of the gallery holds several abstract varieties, all on a hand-holdable scale. He’s also into art history; several very shallow shadow-box constructions lining the wall hold miniature tributes to individual artists who have in some way influenced him, among them Adrian Piper, Gerhard Richter and Willem de Kooning. Each tribute takes the form of a vignette made from bits of colored paper, wood, yarn, paint and so on.

Read the full article on the New York Times website.

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