Armory Arts Week Twitter Contest: Win a FREE NAP Subscription!

At New American Paintings, we love a good art fair. For us, it's a great opportunity to see new work from many of our past winners. It bring us great joy to see their art on the walls of respected galleries and to watch their careers advancing. Working in production, I'm usually attached to my Mac creating the next issue, but this week I will be set free onto the streets of New York to shoot our alums at the various fairs for our blog. If you spot me, please don't hesitate to introduce yourself and if you're nice to me, I just might give you some hints to increase your chances...


1. FIND: A New American Paintings past winner at any New York art fair between Wednesday, March 2nd and Sunday March 6th

2. TWEET: "Spotted: NAP artist, name..." and the gallery they're showing with

3. INCLUDE: "@newampaintings" "#contemporaryart" and "#_____ name of art fair"

Example: Spotted: NAP artist, Jane Smith, Art Gallery @newampaintings #contemporaryart #pulseny

REWARD: The person who finds the most NAP artists wins a free 1-year subscription! (You must include all elements for your Tweet to be eligible and no retweets allowed)

Good Luck!

Dana Córdova, Designer/Production Manager

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