Another packed week on the blog, a new post everyday! That's not easy to do, people. Our writers are hard at work to bring you the best and this week they delivered. If you missed this week's fun, it's all summarized in a nice, tidy post below. Enjoy!

Aerial shot of Graham’s studio.  Left to right, you can see her cyanotype prints, hanging balloon Cluster, geode sculptures, and CT scans.

Early in the week Ellen C. Caldwell, our West Coast contributor, gave us two great pieces. First a Studio Visit and interview with artist Elyse Graham. Caldwell remarked, "At once lifelike and ethereal, organic and otherworldly, Elyse Graham’s geodes are captivating and mysterious.  Simply put, they tell a story.  But that story is not at all simplistic in style, process, or production." Learn more about the artist and her complex work, here.

Installation view of Void #10


Busy as usual, Ellen also made it to Cleon Peterson's exhibition at the Guerrero Gallery.

“The Brinksman” brings viewers into a binary world.  It’s black and white.  It’s black and red.  It’s haves and have-nots.  It’s suitless and suits.  It’s men and women.  And it is completely without boundaries. Classical statues intersperse a world that has been turned upside down.  People are slaughtered, hung from nooses, decapitated, and wounded throughout the exaggeratedly two-dimensionally flat world framed in Peterson’s paintings.  It is clear that when the “brinksman” are free and on the loose, no one else is. The entire post is here.

Cleon Peterson | Struggle of Will (Justice), 78in x 78in, Acrylic and spray paint on 9pc. wood panel


Hey, did you see the piece on 60 Minutes yet? We reblogged “Art Market," a report by Morley Safer, produced by Ruth Streeter. It's a short but telling look into the contemporary scene. Ok, maybe not the most in-depth, but it's fun to have the industry in the spot-light. We mentioned the clip on our blog here (with link to the video).


NYC contributor Whitney Kimball made it to Lichtenstein's show at Gagosian. Roy Lichtenstein’s “Landscapes in a Chinese Style” at Gagosian Gallery’s 24th Street branch (exhibiting through April 7th) have more to do with style than they do with Chinese landscapes. Lichtenstein’s series of paintings, collage, and sculpture, leading up to his death in 1997, is a very logical chapter in his stylistic approach to genre, which Gagosian has presented in a steady succession of shows. Full Post

Roy Lichtenstein | Landscape with Scholar's Rock. 1997. oil and magna on canvas, 79 x 156 inches
Photo courtesy of Gagosian Gallery


Our last review came from Chicago's Josh Reames. He gave a quick summary of Carl Baratta’s current solo show at Lloyd Dobler Gallery. Short but sweet, and nice pictures...Here...

Carl Baratta | Entombment/ Entombment, 
2011, egg tempera, watercolor, and gouache on board, 24”x36”


And, finally, the grand finale. Our much anticipated "Must-See" post for April. So many shows, so little time, so get going! MUST SEE PAINTING SHOWS: APRIL


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