In the Studio: Kevin Cyr

The following was written by Meighan O'Toole for My Love For You Is a Stampede of Horses, a blog cataloging low brow and contemporary art, and originally posted on March 10. Kevin Cyr is based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and was featured in New American Paintings Edition #68. You can read more about Cyr's work on My Love For You...


Kevin opened up his studio to me earlier last month. We met early for coffee and headed over to his studio where he had been spending long, but enjoyable days. It was clear how hard Kevin had been working the minute I stepped into his studio. Most of his paintings were finished and hung in perfect grid like patterns. His famous 2010 West Prize winning camper kart was parked in the middle of the studio and model trucks lay strewn about in disarray on his drafting table, complete with a Mr. T. It was definitely the makings for a tight show. Kevin has no background in graffiti culture. His interest lay in how the vehicles he captures age and take on the environment around them.


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