Steve Locke // You Don't Deserve Me at Samson

One of the great things about being in Boston's South End is that we have tons of great art all around us. You may think that we have enough art to look at, given the competitions we manage, but it's always nice to see original works right in front of our eyes, rather than in digital and printed reproductions. Especially when the local installation belongs to one of New American Paintings past featured artists. I was passing by Samson Projects today (thanks to a lazy lunch during our 70 degree weather), just three doors down from the Open Studios Press, and had an urge to document the Steve Locke show, You Don't Deserve me, and share it with our readers. So I grabbed my camera, and here's what I got. You may recall Steve from a conversation we did on the blog a while back. He was also featured in New American Paintings, Issue #86. Needless to say, we are all fans here of Steve and his work. Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

You Don't Deserve Me, Steve Locke's second solo exhibition at Samson Projects will be on view through July 21st. Since I can't write for shyte compared to Erin Dziedzic, I'll let this press release and essay describe the show and the meaning behind it in greater detail.


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