Scope Miami Beach 2015

Always good to be back in Miami! I'll be posting some of my highlights for each fair over the next few days. If you couldn't make it, hopefully this will help you get your fill..Enjoy! Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Be sure to click on the images for full view!

Timothy Belknap, Vox Populi

Clark Derbes, Clark Gallery

Tom Dash, Dean Borch Gallery

Saïdia Bettayeb, Galerie de Nevers

Drew Leshko, Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Drew Leshko, Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Karim Hamid, Aureus Contemporary

CJ Hendry, The Cool Hunter

Deedee Cheriel, Kallenbach Gallery

Brusk / Da Mental Vaporz, MYA Gallery

Casey Watson, Azart Gallery

Jan Huling, Duane Reed Gallery

Nancy Rice, Duane Reed Gallery

Miyagi, Katsunori, Ohshima Fine Art

Hystm, NY1978

Swoon, Taglialatella Galleries

Heejung Cho, Gallery HO

2501, Street Art Anarchy

Hueman, Inner State Gallery

Spazuk, C.O.A. Galerie

Damon Soule, Mirus Gallery

Kevin Cyr (New American Paintings #68), Thinkspace 

Kevin Peterson, Elizabeth Houston Gallery

Rachel Hellman, Elizabeth Houston Gallery

Ojo Jide, Rush Arts Galleries

Tim Okamura, Corridor Contemporary

Vincente Hernández, LaCa Projects


Mark Khaisman, Let There Be Art

Mark Khaisman, Let There Be Art

Sean Newport, Gauntlet Gallery

James McNabb, Robert Fontaine Gallery

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