Scenes from Untitled Art Fair 2016

One of our favorite fairs is Untitled Art. The tent is always beautiful, with a transparent roof (providing nice, even light) and views of the beach. The layout is interesting, ignoring the conventional aisle and row system. And the curation is right on with great galleries and works. Tomorrow I'm posting some shots of Art Miami. In the meantime, enjoy scenes from this year's Untitled Art fair! - Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

All photographs by Andrew Katz.

Robyn O'neil, Western Exhibitions

Orkideh Torabi, Western Exhibitions

Richard Forster, Lora Reynolds Gallery

Guomundur Thoroddsen, Asya Geisberg Gallery

Andrew Holmquist, Carrie Secrest Gallery

Trudy Benson, Fredericks & Freiser

David Lloyd, Klowden Mann

Matthew Stone, The Hole

Jeremy Everett, Wilding Cran Gallery

Chyrum Lambert, Disturb The Neighbors

Jose Lerma & Josh Reames, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Josh Reames, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Erik Olson, Bravin Lee Programs

Addie Wagenknecht, Bitforms Gallery

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Bitforms


Dean Byington, Leslie Tonkonow

Amy Cutler, Leslie Tonkonow

Cody Hudson, Andrew Rafacz

David Scher, Pierogi

Christian Rex van Minnen, Richard Heller Gallery

Blaise Roshenthal, Johansson Projects

Dean Baldwin, Mulherin

Matt Kleberg, Mulherin 

Jason Middlebrook, Jeff Bailey Gallery

Irena Jurek, Jeff Bailey Gallery

Brenna Murphy, Upfor Gallery

Nobert Bisky, Koenig & Clinton

Robert Stone, Anglim Gilbert Gallery

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