Scenes from Pulse Miami 2016

For two years now, Pulse has been located at Indian Beach Park, which means it's not the easiest fair to get to. Hopefully, in the future, fair organizers will better take advantage of the location and allow in more natural light (take a cue from Untitled and Scope) and beach views. Regardless, it always seems worth going to Pulse given the consistent quality of the fair. Below are some highlights from this year's fair. Enjoy! - Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher


All Photographs By Andrew Katz


Joachim Bandau, Nicholas Metivier Gallery

Ralph Fleck, Purdy Hicks Gallery

Patricia Piccinini, Hosfelt gallery

Andrew Schoultz, Hosfelt Gallery

Andrew Schoultz

Driss Ouadahi, Hosfelt Gallery

Edgar Diehl, Pentimenti

JC Lenochan, Project for Empty Space

Mike Childs, Robert Henry Contemporary

Jaq Chartier, William Baczek Fine Arts

Oliver Jeffers, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

Sam Messenger, Davidson Contemporary

Michael De Feo, Danziger Gallery

Jinie Park, Elizabeth Leach

Julia Mangold, Elizabeth Leach

Tim Kent, Slag Gallery

Freddy Chandra, Brian Gross Fine Art

Robert Sagerman, Brian Gross Fine Art

Sharon Butler, Season

Andrew McIntosh, bo.lee gallery

Sean Newport, Cordesa Fine Art

Brian Willmont, Victori + Mo

Rachel Hellmann, Elizabeth Houston Gallery

Paul Wackers, Eleanor Harwood Gallery

Jason Reyen, Honey Ramka

Erica Prince

Devan Shimoyama, Samuel Freeman

Larissa Bates, Monya Rowe Gallery

Cornelia Schulz, Patricia Sweetow Gallery

Robert Minervini, Rena Bransten Gallery

Vik Muniz, Rena Bransten

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