Scenes from NADA 2016

After a year at Fontainebluea, NADA returns to the Deauville Beach Resort. Although the Deauville is kind of tired, I think it's nice to have multiple rooms to break up the experience, and it's always good to have views of the beach. Overall, it seems like a good move for the fair to make it back up north. Below are some shots from NADA 2016. Enjoy! - Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

All photos by Andrew Katz.

David Rappeneau, Queer Thoughts

Gracie Devito, Tif Sigfrids

Alex Dodge, Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery

Benjamin Butler, Klaus Van Nichtssagend Gallery

Gabriel Hartley, Foxy Productions

Daniel Heidkamp, The Journal Gallery

Ara Peterson, Derek Eller Gallery

Steve DiBenedetto, Derek Eller Gallery

Gianna Commito, Rachel Uffner Gallery

Leonhard Hurzlmeier, Rachel Uffner Gallery

Ridley Howard, Feuer/Mesler

John McAllister, James Fuentes

Nathaniel de Large, 247365

Patrick Berran, Chapter NY

Nick Goss, Simon Preston Gallery

Jessica Mein, Simon Preston Gallery

Davina Semo, Marlborough Chelsea

Nikki Maloof, Jack Hanley Gallery

Alain Biltereyst, Jack Hanley Gallery

Alex Becerra, Shane Campbell Gallery

Alexander Herzog, Geary

Rosha Yaghmai, Kayne Griffon Corcoran

Tamar Halpern, Mier

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