Scenes from Art Miami 2016

Lots of shiny things at Art Miami as usual. But also plenty of great paintings. Enjoy scenes from Art Miami 2016. - Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

All photographs by Andrew Katz.

Os Gemeos, Opera Gallery

Matthew Hawtin, David Klein Gallery

Luis Tomasello

Eric Fischl, Hexton Modern and Contemporary

Andres Schiavo, Now Contemporary Art

Rene Romero Schuler, Zolla Lieberman Gallery

Dan Ramirez, Zolla Lieberman Gallery

Sam Gilliam, Connersmith.

Troy Abbott, Bernice Steinbaum

Shen Shoamin, Klein Sun Gallery

Holton Rower, Arthur Roger Gallery

Galerie Renate Bender

Wes Lang, KM Fine Arts

James Gortner, Lyons Wier Gallery

Fahamu Pecou, Lyons Wier Gallery

CJ Pyle, Carl Hammer Gallery

Shawn Huckins, Modernism Inc.

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