A Run Through Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

It is Miami time again. I spent the last few weeks prepping for my own gallery’s presentation (UNTITLED, Booth #A04), and finally had a chance to peruse what is happening at the various fairs that will be scattered throughout the city. At the top of the heap is, of course, the fair that started them all: Art Basel Miami Beach. Over the next few days, two hundred and fifty + galleries representing thousands of artists will be busy installing their booths in preparation for next Wednesday’s Private Viewing. With the contemporary art market continuing to race along a break-neck speeds, all indications are that it will be another successful year for all involved.

Photo by Andrew Katz

I spent a few hours visiting various sites on-line to get the lay of the land. With very few exceptions I focused on emerging/mid-career artists…I mean, we all know what an Anish Kapoor looks like at this point. The list below is made up of artists and work that I am particularly excited to see next week. Enjoy the list. - Steven Zevitas, Publisher

GALLERIES THAT I AM MOST EXCITED TO VISIT: Corbett vs. Dempsey, kaufmann repetto, David Kordansky Gallery, Galerie Buchholz, Kavi Gupta, Almine Rech, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, Stuart Shave/Modern Art, Jessica Silverman Gallery, Societe, Clifton Benevento, Galerie Eva Presenhuber.

ARTISTS THAT I AM MOST EXCITED TO SEE: Eddie Martinez, Shannon Ebner, Diana Molzan, Chris Martin, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Jack Lavender, Sheila Hicks, Tony Tasset, Darren Bader, Ned Vena, Eileen Quinlan, Jessica Stockholder, Zak Kitnick, Paul Feeley, Wyatt Kahn.

BOOTHS THAT WILL SELL OUT THE QUICKEST: Jessica Silverman Gallery, Altman Siegel, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, Standard OSLO, kaufmann repetto, The Approach, Galerie Eva Presenhuber.


Aaron Curry. Courtesy of David Kordansky Gallery.

Alexandre de Cunha. Courtesy of Thomas Dane Gallery.

Alfred Volpi. Courtesy of Galleria Bergamin.

Alma Thomas. Courtesy of Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.

Andrew Brischler. Courtesy of GAVLAK.

Andrew Dadson. Courtesy of David Kordansky Gallery.


Brian Bress. Courtesy of Cherry and Martin.

Chris Martin. Courtesy of Anton Kern Gallery.

Daniel Lefcourt. Courtesy of Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

Darren Bader. Courtesy of Andrew Kreps Gallery.

Dashiell Manley. Courtesy of Jessica Silverman Gallery.

Diana Molzan. Courtesy of kaufmann repetto.

Eddie Martinez. Courtesy of Kohn Gallery.

Eileen Quinlan. Courtesy of Miguel Abreu Gallery.

Garth Weiser. Courtesy of Casey Kaplan.

Hannah Wilke. Courtesy of Alison Jacques Gallery.

Henry Darger. Courtesy of Andrew Edlin Gallery.

Hugh Scott Douglas. Courtesy of Jessica Silverman Gallery.

Jack Lavender. Courtesy of The Approach.

Jay DeFeo. Courtesy of Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

Jessica Stockholder. Courtesy of Kavi Gupta Gallery.

Joan Snyder. Courtesy of Franklin Parrasch Gallery.

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