New American Paintings: Midwest Edition at the Elmhurst Museum

For the second year in a row, EAM is organizing the exhibition New American Paintings: Midwest Edition. Based on the acclaimed juried publication, an exhibition-in-print, this year’s version was selected by Kelly Schindler, associate curator at the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum, and features an equally diverse group of artists and practices from across the Midwest. The thirty-nine artists participating in this year’s NAP broadly span the spectrum of varying themes in contemporary painting, including figural representation, material studies, optical abstraction and spatial depictions, while continually redefining the limits of formal categorization. EAM’s exhibition includes a combination of works featured in the catalogue and new works by selected artists in an effort to expand our understanding of this most traditional and fluid of artistic mediums.

Issue #119...Cover Artist, Alex Jackson

Participating artists include Peter Barrickman, Leslie Baum, Laura Bidwa, William Blake, Michelle Bolinger, Jeff Broekhoven, Robert Burnier, James Collins, Shannon Estlund, Greg Fadell, Robert Gniewek, Magalie Guerin, Diana Guerrero-Maciá, Samantha Haring, Jamey Hart, Gina Hunt, Alex Jackson, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Misha Kligman, Alicia LaChance, Michael Milano, Armin Mühsam, Andrea Myers, Paul Nudd, Boris Ostrerov, Josh Reames, David Rettker, Edo Rosenblith, Eric Ruschman, Deb Sokolow, Casey Jex Smith, Debra Smith, Scott Stack, Kevin Stuart, Keith Tolch, Sara Willadsen, Sarah Williams, Xi Zhang and Lauren Zoll.

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