New American Paintings Alumni at Art Basel Miami Beach

As I have said many times, one of the great joys of publishing New American Paintings is following the careers of our alumni. We do so assiduously and bring updates to our readership through the publication and on-line via the New American Paintings/BLOG. Part of the publication’s raison d’etre is to give our readership the type of inside information that allows them to discover artistic talent before it emerges. Whether it is an artist such as Matthew Day Jackson, who was featured in 2001 while still earning his MFA, or Evan Nesbit, who was featured in 2012 only months before Roberts & Tilton picked him up, we have time and time again offered savvy collectors the chance to be there first.

Brian Calvin (Issue #11). Courtesy of Anton Kern Gallery.

It is no secret that art fairs are driving much of the art market these days, and, like everything in life, the art fair system has a pecking order. At the top of the mountain is Art Basel, and its sister fair, Basel Miami Beach. For all intents and purposes, galleries that are included in this fair have “made it,” and the artists they present there are having their work exposed to thousands of collectors, art world professionals, and art enthusiasts. For these lucky artists, it is a very big deal that can launch careers and push already thriving ones to the next level.

Every year we scour the rosters of the various fairs set to open in Miami in search of NAP alumni who will be on view. As in the past, the various satellite fairs will include dozens of them. This year, however, we are excited to see that no less then 30 NAP alumni will be featured at the Big Show: 2014 Basel Miami Beach. A sample of them are listed below, many of whom are now internationally known. Our congratulations go out to all of them. See you in Miami. - Steven Zevitas, Publisher

NAP artists likely in the fair, but no images available include: Justin Adian (2003 MFA Annual); Nuno de Campos (Issue #50, cover artist); Matthew Day Jackson 2001 MFA Annual); Erik Parker (Issue #92); Amy Cutler (Issue #32); Mark Flood (Issue #66), Valerie Snobeck (Issue #47); Franklin Evans (Issue #62); James Siena (Issues #32, #42).

Radcliffe Bailey (Issue #28). Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery.

Trenton Doyle Hancock (Issue #42). Courtesy of STPI.

Laylah Ali (Issue #26, cover artist). Courtesy of Paul Kasmin Gallery.

Eddie Martinez (Issue #68). Courtesy of Kohn Gallery.

Keith Mayerson (Issue #69, cover artist). Courtesy of GAVLAK.

Rod Penner (Issues #18, #30, #42). Courtesy of Ameringer|McEnery|Yohe.

Scott Reeder (Issue #95). Courtesy of GAVLAK.

Monique van Genderen (Issue #115). Courtesy of Ameringer|McEnery|Yohe.

Leslie Wayne (Issue #56). Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery.

Evan Nesbit (Issue #99, MFA Annual). Courtesy of Roberts & Tilton.

Liam Everett (Issue #25). Courtesy of Altman Siegel.

Garth Weiser (Issue #76). Courtesy of Casey Kaplan.

Andrew Brischler (Issue #98). Courtesy of GAVLAK.

Iva Gueorguieva (Issue #73). Courtesy of Ameringer|McEnery|Yohe.

Melora Kuhn (Issue #38, cover artist). Courtesy of Galerie EIGEN + ART.

John Sparagana (Issues #5, #36). Courtesy of Corbett vs. Dempsey.

Patrick Wilson (Issue #73). Courtesy of Ameringer|McEnery|Yohe.

Molly Zuckerman-Hartung (Issue #95). Courtesy of Corbett vs. Dempsey.

John Zurier (Issue #55). Courtesy of Galerie Nordenhake.

Sarah Cain (Issues #37, #73). Courtesy of Galerie Lelong.

Robert Buck (Issue #98). Courtesy of CRG Gallery.

Brenna Youngblood (Issue #103). Courtesy of Tilton Gallery.

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