New American Paintings #104 Sneak Peak

Within the next few weeks the Northeast issue of New American Paintings, #104, will be received by subscribers and newsstands across the country. Juror, Nina Gara Bozicnik, Assistant Curator, Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, NH, spent a week selecting the artists you see below. In her essay, Nina notes, "There is no one theme that unifies the works features in these pages, but rather a shared invitation to look, feel, and thinks your way through the dynamic terrain of painting today. I based my selections on the extent to which a painting engaged my eyes, mind, and heart. I hope they have a similarly provocative and inspiring effect on you."

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After the jump see a full list of the artists selected for the NAP #104!

Cover Image: Eli Gabriel Halpern

Danny Balgley
Adina Bricklin
Dina Brodsky
Arden B. Browning
Jaqueline Cedar
Micah Danges
Lyla Duey
Benjamin Edmiston
Daniel M. Finch
Daniel Gerwin
Sam Gordon
Jordan Graw
Eli Gabriel Halpern
Sara Jones
Danny Keith
Jerome Lagarrigue
Karen Lederer
Joan Linder
Fabian Lopez
Yoshiaki Mochizuki
Aris Moore
Alex O’Neal
Anthony Palocci, Jr.
Nathan Pankratz
Gary Petersen
David Pettibone
Julia Randall
Katia Santibañez
Giordanne Salley
Mike Sampson
Travis K. Schwab
Robert Straight
Becky Suss
Fabian G. Tabibian
Russell Tyler
Jeremy Uglow
Dan VanLandingham
Paul Wackers
Summer Wheat
Randy Wray