NAP Artists at Art Chicago | NEXT

TOP: Nathan Vernau (edition #89 cover) at Robert Bills Contemporary. BOTTOM: Matthew Woodward (forthcoming, edition #95) at Linda Warren Gallery. 
(via Flickr)

With Art Chicago | NEXT's new combined layout on the 12th floor of the Merchandise Mart this weekend, crowds were in full force, as were the numbers of New American Paintings alums. It was fantastic to see so many previously featured artists from countless regional editions, booth after booth. Our Publisher, Steven Zevitas, and Associate Publisher, Drew Katz, caught a few snapshots of NAP artists on view in both fairs, and here are a few highlights.

For a more extensive collection of work by artists previously included in New American Paintings, check out our Flickr photostream! More pics after the jump!

Fred Stonehouse (edition #4) at Philip Slein Gallery

Jesse Thomas (edition #89, forthcoming #95) at Robert Bills Contemporary

Elisa Johns (edition #73, MFA 2004) at Skew Gallery

Taravat Talepasand (edition #43, MFA 2005, #79) at Charlie James Gallery

Ted Larsen (edition #5, #90) at Eight Modern

Roland Kulla (edition #53) at George Billis Gallery

Marcus Jansen (edition #94) at 101/exhibit

For more images of work by NAP artists at Art Chicago | NEXT, check out our Flickr photostream