NAP Artist on View: Erik Mark Sandberg

New American Paintings alum Erik Mark Sandberg (cover artist Pacific Coast #91) on view at Stephanie Chefas Projects.  

September 7 - September 28, 2018

For more information please visit:

305 SE 3rd Ave #202
Portland, OR
503 719 6945

Erik Mark Sandberg
Youth in White Tee Shirt
oil, acrylic and epoxy resin on panel
20 x 16 inches

photo courtsey of Stephanie Chefas Projects


"This September, Stephanie Chefas Projects is delighted to present 'Interlude', a solo exhibition of new work from L.A. based artist Erik Mark Sandberg. Drawing from contemporary consumer culture and the relentless bombardment of mass marketing, Sandberg's paintings and sculptures create an uncanny portrait gallery of hairy adolescents. In addition to serving as a metaphor for the perversion and exploitation inherent in the consumer experience, the hirsutism of Sandberg's subjects furthermore signifies the double-edged promise of overnight fame epitomized by Los Angeles.


Erik Mark Sandberg
silkscreen on coventry rag, edition of 59
30 x 23 inches

photo courtesy of Stephanie Chefas Projects


With 'Interlude', Sandberg explores themes of rest, solitude, youth culture, and the inherited space of the automotive interior. Automotive interiors hold particular importance to the artist, in that he sees each one as a "sanctuary for private discourse" as well as an "extension of identity". Consequently, each automotive interior functions as both a "physical and psychological prosthetic throughout the paintings". Bringing the theme even further to life are Sandberg's canvases, two of which physically resemble a windshield.

Erik Mark Sandberg
The Drive
oil and micaceous iron oxide on canvas
43 x 76.5 inches

photo courtesy of Stephanie Chefas Projects


On the importance of the hirsute figures, Sandberg says the following, 'The hirsute figures in this show are a melding of proposed evolutionary experiments. The hair becomes a metaphor for the effects of popular culture, and the bear for one’s persona in the age of connection. The visual metaphors at play are for the veil of civility that is becoming increasingly more transparent with living in the city. The backgrounds of the paintings consist of nature, not of this world, but a cosmic form which represents the psychological terrain.'"

-Stephanie Chefas Projects, INTERLUDE press release


Erik Mark Sandberg
urethane rubber, sea sponges, cheese cloth, Dell hearsinks, tree branches, neon light, urethane foam, urethane plastic and acrylic
26 x 26 inches

photo courtesy of Stephanie Chefas Projects

Erik Mark Sandberg
Quasar Mini
acrylic, extra fine glitter, epoxy resin and urethane on panel
13 x 10 inches

photo courtesy of Stephanie Chafas Projects


Erik Mark Sandberg
The Conversation
oil, acrylic and epoxy resin on panel
28 x 23 inches (29 x 23 inches framed)

photo courtesy of Stephanie Chefas Projects



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