NAP #102 Sneak Peek

Within the next few weeks the West issue of New American Paintings, #102, will be received by subscribers and newsstands across the country. Juror, Bill Arning, Director of Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, TX, spent quite a bit of time making the selections you see below. But he also reassures us in his essay that, "There were a lot of 'almosts' this round, many of whom could have made the cut, and while that usually is small consolation to those whose friends, dealers, and collectors don't see them on these pages, it should be comforting to know that this is only the tip of the iceberg of new scintillating artworks coming your way at a gallery, museum, or alternative space near you."

We hope you will pick-up a copy and let us know what you think!

You can order this issue online or by calling 617-778-5265 ext.0

After the jump see a full list of the artists selected for the NAP #102 and few sneak peek photos!

Cover Artist: Kent Dorn

Selected Artists, NAP #102, West Issue

Milton Ausherman
Jack Balas
Tanmaya Bingham
Michael Bise
Matthew Bourbon
Joseph Cohen
Catherine Colangelo
Jeffrey Dell
Kent Dorn
Jody Guralnick
Brian F. Haberman
Russ Havard
Robert Jessup
Michael Krueger
Laura Lark
Dustin London
Gordon Sean Magnin
Winston L. Mascarenhas
Siobhan McBride
Jenene Nagy
Kim Cadmus Owens
Aaron Parazette
Austin Parkhill  
Jeff Parrott
Preetika Rajgariah
Kate Rivers
Alexandre Rosa
Robert Ruello
Rusty Scruby
Bret Slater
Charlotte Smith
Kent Michael Smith
Aaron Storck
David Titterington
Shane Tolbert
Brad Tucker
W. Tucker
Myke Venable
Molly J. Wicks
Jave Yoshimoto