There are more than two-dozen exhibitions by New American Paintings’ alumni on view this month. Among them are the always environmentally conscious Alexis Rockman at Baldwin Gallery in Aspen, hot Chicago export Scott Reeder at Lisa Cooley in New York City, and the extraordinary Sarah McEneaney at Locks Gallery in Philadelphia. 

I am not overstating it when I say that Sarah is one of my favorite painters working today. Her ability to construct space intuitively gives her intimately-scaled egg tempera paintings a shocking immediacy. It might be tempting to lump Sarah in with the widespread trend of “faux-naïve” that has been pervasive in the last decade, but there is nothing “faux” about her paintings. My sense is that there is no strategic impulse at work at all. Sarah’s pictorial language simply is what it is and can be no other way

Sarah McEneaney. Courtesy of Locks Gallery.

As always, New York City has a lot to see. On the blue-chip side of the fence, be sure to see Brice Marden’s show of graphite drawings at Matthew Marks, and David Zwirner’s inaugural exhibition of works by Ad Reinhardt. Mid-career painter, Dan Walsh, continues to look great in his latest outing at Paula Cooper Gallery. In terms of emerging artists, I am most excited about Richard Aldrich at Bortolami, Michael Williams at CANADA, and Ann Craven at Maccarone.

Looking to other parts of the country, and in no particular order, I am excited about:  Rebecca Ward at Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston; Jonas Wood at Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago.; Dianna Molzan and Jim Shaw, both in Los Angeles, at Overduin and Kite, and Blum and Poe, respectively; Jessica Dickinson at Altman Siegel in San Francisco; and, another one of my personal favorites,  the now ninety-three year old Gaylen Hansen at Linda Hodges Gallery in Seattle.

Enjoy the list.

-Steven Zevitas, Publisher


Pam Longobardi (NAP #16, #28, #36, #82)
Nov 1 – Dec 14 2013
Sandler Hudson Gallery

Lance Letscher (NAP #48)
Oct 12th – Nov 16th 2013
Conduit Gallery

Howard Sherman (NAP #60, #72, #90, #108)       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 26th – Nov 27th 2013
McMurtrey Gallery

Astrid Bowlby (NAP #45, #57)       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 23rd – Jan 18th 2013
Gallery Joe

Astrid Bowlby. Courtesy of Gallery Joe.

Sarah McEneaney (NAP #21)       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 18th – Nov 23rd 2013
Locks Gallery

James Sterling Pitt (NAP #103)
Oct 17th – Dec 7th 2013
Steven Zevitas Gallery

James Sterling Pitt. Courtesy of Steven Zevitas Gallery.

Group Show (Featuring Annie Lapin, NAP #91)
Nov 18th – Jan 11th 2013
Andrew Rafacz

Diane Christiansen (NAP #17, #24, #29, #41, #59)
Oct 18th – Nov 16th 2013
Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery

Martina Nehrling (NAP #41, #89, #95)
November 2013
Zg Gallery

Alexis Rockman (NAP #38)
Nov 29th – Dec 20th 2013
Baldwin Gallery

Rebecca Shore (NAP #41)
Nov 22nd – Jan 11th 2014
Eight Modern

Group Show (Featuring Claire Stigliani, NAP #83, #107)
Oct 18th – Nov 29th 2013
Dean Jensen Gallery

Claire Stigliani. Courtesy of Dean Jensen Gallery.

The Modern Landscape
(Featuring Robert Cocke, NAP#36, #54, John Dilg #11, Harold Gregor NAP #4, Theodore Waddell NAP#5)
November / December 2013
Tory Folliard Gallery

Margaret Evangeline (NAP #36)
Nov 1st – Dec 30th 2013
Callan Contemporary

Amy Casey (NAP #71, #83)
Nov 6th – Jan 5th 2014
Foley Gallery

Kent Dorn (NAP #102)
Oct 17th – Nov 16th 2013
Freight + Volume

Kent Dorn. Courtesy of Freight & Volume.

Shelley Reed (NAP #7, #62, #74)
Oct 18th – Nov 16 2013

Scott Reeder (NAP #95)
Oct 27th – Dec 22nd 2013
Lisa Cooley

Scott Reeder. Courtesy of Lisa Cooley.

Kaoruko (NAP #98)
Oct 17th – Nov 16th 2013
Mike Weiss Gallery

Jake Longstreth (MFA Annual 2004, #79, #109)
Oct 27th – Jan 5th 2014
Monya Rowe Gallery

Jake Longstreth. Courtesy of Monya Rowe Gallery.

Sharon Louden (NAP #14)
Oct 24th – Dec 7th 2013
Morgan Lehman

Sharon Louden. Courtesy of Morgan Lehman.

Sally Cleveland (NAP #43, #85)
Nov 7th – Nov 30th 2013
Augen Gallery

Lucinda Parker (NAP #55)
Nov 7th – Nov 30th 2013
Laura Russo Gallery

Dannielle Tegeder (NAP #32, #44, #74)
Oct 1st – Nov 30th 2013
Gregory Lind Gallery

Dan Lydersen            (NAP #79, #85, #97)
Oct 19th – Nov 23rd 2013
Jack Fischer Gallery

Dan Lydersen. Courtesy of Jack Fischer Gallery.

Nadezda Prvulovic
Oct 25th – Nov 30th 2013
Anya Tish Gallery

Rebecca Ward       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 25th – Nov 30th 2013
Barbara Davis Gallery

Rebecca Ward. Courtesy of Barbara Davis Gallery.

Joe Andoe
Oct 19th – Nov 30th 2013
Barry Whistler Gallery

Nov 1st – January 4th
Inman Gallery

Robert Motherwell
Oct 12th – Nov 16th 2013
McClain Gallery

Vernon Fisher       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 28th – Dec 14th 2013
Talley Dunn Gallery

Robyn O’Neil       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 28th – Dec 14th 2013
Talley Dunn Gallery

Joan Brown       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 17th – Nov 16th, 2013
Texas Gallery

Joan Brown. Courtesy of Texas Gallery.

Jane Radstrom
Nov 2nd – 30th 2013
Wally Workman Gallery

Wolf Kahn
Nov 15th – Jan 11th
Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Ryan McGinness       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 9th – Nov 16th 2013
Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Ryan McGinness. Courtesy of Bridgette Mayer Gallery.

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 10th – Dec 7th 2013         
Fleisher Ollman Gallery

Nancy Wolf
Nov 9th – Dec 21st 2013        
Marsha Mateyka Gallery

Jacob Lunderby
Nov 1st – Dec 14th 2013
Pentimenti Gallery


William Bailey
Nov 2nd – Dec 4th 2013
Alpha Gallery

Karl Stevens
Nov 1st – Dec 21st 2013
Carroll & Sons


Jonathan Gardner
Oct 26th – Nov 27th 2013
Corbett vs. Dempsey

Jonathan Gardner. Courtesy of Corbett vs. Dempsey.

John Fraser
Oct 25th – Dec 7th 2013
Roy Boyd Gallery

Jonas Wood       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 12th – Nov 23rd 2013
Shane Campbell Gallery

Jonas Wood. Courtesy of Shane Campbell Gallery.

Leon Polk Smith
Nov 8th – Jan 11th 2013
Valerie Carberry Gallery

Leon Polk Smith. Courtesy of Valerie Carberry Gallery.

Elijah Burger
Oct 25th – Dec 7th 2013
Western Exhibitions

Ryan Travis Christian
Oct 25th – Dec 7th, 2013
Western Exhibitions


Don Stinson
Oct 25th – Nov 23rd 2013
David B. Smith Gallery


Phil Frost
Ace Gallery

Tomory Dodge
Nov 23rd – Dec 21st 2013

Tomory Dodge. Courtesy of ACME.

Nov 1st – Dec 21st
Blum & Poe

Daniel Brice 
Nov 2nd – Dec 21st 2013
Western Project

Mira Schor
Oct 19th – Dec 8th 2013
CB1 Gallery

Lesley Vance
Nov 1st – Jan 4th 2014
David Kordansky Gallery

Lesley Vance. Courtesy of David Kordansky Gallery.

Mark Stock
Nov 2nd – Dec 31st 2013
Lora Schlesinger Gallery
Joshua Dildine
Nov 23rd – Dec 21st 2013
Mark Moore Gallery

Debra Scacco
Oct 25th – Nov 27th 2013
Marine Contemporary

Dianna Molzan       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 10th – Dec 21st 2013
Overduin and Kite

Lari Pittman       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 9th – Dec 21st 2013
Regen Projects

Lari Pittman. Courtesy of Regen Projects.

Nikko Mueller
Dec 6th – Jan 26th 2014
Sam Lee Gallery

Rachel Lachowicz
Nov 2nd – Dec 21st 2013
Shoshana Wayne Gallery

Hayal Pozanti
Nov 9th – Dec 21st 2013
Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

Melissa Manfull
Nov 2nd – Dec 14th 2013
Taylor De Cordoba

Frank Ryan       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 2nd – Dec 21st 2013
Walter Maciel Gallery


Melvin Martinez
Oct 10th – Nov 20th 2013
David Castillo

Melvin Martinez. Courtesy of David Castillo.

Timothy Buwalda       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 24th – Nov 21st 2013
Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Nov 7th – 30th 2013
Gallery Diet


Daniel Raedeke
Nov 1st – Nov 30th 2013
Bruno David Gallery

Power Lines
Sept 19th – Nov 21st 2013
Thomas Barry Fine Arts


Jacob Kassay
Nov 1st – Dec 20th 2013
303 Gallery

Miquel Barcelo
Oct 9th – Nov 22nd 2013
Acquavella Galleries

Harmony Hammond
Oct 23rd – Dec 7th 2013
Alexander Gray Associates

Rod Penner       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 17th – Nov 23rd 2013
Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

Rod Penner. Courtesy of Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe.

Llyn Foulkes
Oc 12th – Nov 16th 2013
Andrea Rosen Gallery

Jake Berthot
Oct 17th – Nov 30th 2013
Betty Cunningham Gallery

Richard Aldrich       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 8th – Dec 21st 2013

Richard Aldrich. Courtesy of Bortolmai.

Erik Olson
Oct 25th – Dec 7th 2013
BravinLee Programs

Kristin Calabrese       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 27th – Dec 8th 2013
Brennan & Griffin

Kristin Calabrese. Courtesy of Brennan & Griffin

Sean Scully
Oct 30th – Jan 11th 2014
Cheim & Reid

Ad Reinhardt       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 7th – Dec 18th 2013
David Zwirner

Karl Wirsum
Oc 12th – Nov 16th 2013
Derek Eller Gallery

Ryan McLaughlin       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 27th – Dec 22nd 2013
Laurel Gitlen

Ryan McLaughlin. Courtesy of Laurel Gittlen

Michael DeLucia
Oct 17th – Nov 17th 2013
Eleven Rivington

Sara Morris
Nov 14th – Dec 21st 2013
Friedrich Petzel Gallery

Seth Michael Forman
Oct 17th – Nov 24th 2013
Frosch & Portman

Konrad Lueg
Oct 18th – Nov 16th 2013
Greene Naftali

Michael Williams       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 2nd – Dec 8th 2013

Michael Williams. Courtesy of CANADA.

Michael Cline
Oct 23rd – Dec 8th 2013
Horton Gallery

Brad Kahlhamer
Oct 18th – Nov 16th 2013
Jack Shainman Gallery

Ethan Greenbaum
Oct 25th – Nov 30th 2013

Ann Craven
Nov 8th – Dec 14th 2013

Ann Craven. Courtesy of Maccarone.

Jonah Koppel
Oct 25th – Dec 8th 2013
Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery

Sadie Laska
Oct 26th – Dec 1st 2013
Kerry Schuss (KS Art)

Stephen Westfall
Nov 7th – Dec 28th 2013
Lennon, Weinberg, Inc.

David Malek
Nov 7th – Dec 21st 2013
Martos Gallery

Peter Saul
Nov 1st – Dec 21st 2013
Mary Boone Gallery

Peter Saul. Courtesy of Mary Boone Gallery.

Gallery Hume
Nov 9th – Dec 21st 2013
Matthew Marks Gallery

Brice Marden       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 9th – Dec 21st 2013
Matthew Marks Gallery

Brice Marden. Courtesy of Matthew Marks Gallery.

Peter Doig
Nov 6th – Jan 4th 2014
Michael Werner

Leon Kossoff       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 5th – Dec 21st 2013
Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Leon Kossoff. Courtesy of Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

Dan Walsh       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 12th – Nov 21st 2013
Paul Cooper Gallery

Helmust Federle
Nov 14th – January 11th 2014
Peter Blum Gallery

Steve Mumford
Oct 19th – Nov 23rd 2013

Julie Hefferman       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 17th – Nov 16th 2013

Julie Hefferman. Courtesy of P.P.O.W.

Callum Innes
Oct 25th – Dec 7th 2013
Sean Kelly Gallery

Suzanne McClelland
Oct 10th – Nov 17th 2013
team (gallery, inc.)

Raqib Shaw
Nov 8th – Jan 11th 2013
The Pace Gallery

Patricia Treib
November 2013


Mary Iverson
Nov 8th – Nov 30th 2013
Davidson Galleries

Miles Cleveland Goodwin
Nov 21st – Dec 21st 2013
Greg Kucera Gallery

Fay Jones
Nov 7th – Dec 21st 2013
Grover/Thurston Gallery

Gaylen Hansen       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Oct 3rd – Nov 30th
Linda Hodges Gallery

Isabelle duToit
Nov 7th – Nov 30th 2013
Patricia Rovzar Gallery


Jessica Dickinson       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 7th – Dec 21st 2013
Altman Siegel

Jessica Dickinson. Courtesy of Altman Siegel.

Anoka Faruqee
Oct 19th – Dec 7th 2013
Hosfelt Gallery

Amikam Toren
Nov 22nd – Jan 19th 2013
Jessica Silverman Gallery

Julian Lethbridge
November 2013
John Berggruen Gallery

Jockum Nordstrom       PUBLISHER’S PICK
Nov 22nd – Dec 20th 2013
Anthony Meier Fine Arts

Jockum Nordstrum. Courtesy of Anthony Meier Fine Arts.

Wayne Thiebaud
Oct 29th – Dec 21st 2013
Paul Thiebaud Gallery


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