Miami Highlights: NADA and SEVEN

Today I'm wrapping up the art fairs with one final post including NADA and Seven. These are the last two fairs that I had a chance to visit while in Miami last week (still recovering, by the way). I wish I had more time and more feet, because I would have attempted more! That doesn't mean that this is the end of my adventures while there. Tomorrow I'll be ending the photo-extraveganza with pictures from the Rubell, de la Cruz, and Margulies collections. So don't go away yet! - Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher


Disclaimer: I tried to capture the energy surrounding the event and a few works that caught my eye. There is obviously so much more I could have posted. Hopefully this gives you a good taste. Enjoy!


Lobby of the Deauville Hotel, NADA Headquarters
White Columns
Eddie Martinez (NAP #68), The Journal Gallery
Leslie Fritz Gallery
Aris Moore (NAP #104), Jack Hanley
Bubu Negron, Roberto Paradise
Bubu Negron, Roberto Paradise
Eric Yahnker (NAP #73, #85), Ambach + Rice
Sam Moyer, Rachel Uffner
Sam Moyer, Rachel Uffner
Peter Williams, Foxy Production
Zak Prekop, Shane Campbell Gallery
Michelle Grabner, Shane Campbell Gallery
John McAllister, James Fuentes
Ara Peterson, Ratio 3
Ara Peterson, Ratio 3


Seven Entrance
Seven Buttons
Eva and Franco Mattes, Postmasters Gallery
Robin Williams, PPOW
Darina Karpov (NAP #80), Pierogi
Monica Cook (NAP #58), Postmasters


A Jonathan Lasker, BravinLee Projects
Christine Hill, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts
Shane Hope, Winkleman Gallery
Hew Locke, Hales Gallery
Yoon Lee (NAP #80), Pierogi
Yoon Lee, Pierogi
Chris Dorland, Winkleman Gallery
Roxy Paine, Pierogi

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