Miami Art Week 2017 Roundup

Another week of art, and pretty much whatever else, in Miami is in the books. This year, I participated in the amazing UNTITLED art fair, which has been gaining ground as a “must see” fair for serious collectors. As always, I took the opportunity to get out to visit other fairs, museums and private collections. There was a lot of good energy in Miami and a lot of strong artwork to be seen. - Steven Zevitas, Publisher

Ugo Rondinone 

Two artist’s names seemed to be on everyone’s lips in Miami: Ugo Rondinone and Christina Quarles. Rondinone had a visually stunning and psychologically resonant exhibition at the Bass Museum, and Galerie Eva Presenhuber dedicated her entire booth at Art Basel Miami Beach to his work. It was an extraordinary one/two punch. Quarles is an emerging painter who has exploded in just the past few months. Before “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon” opened at the New Museum in late September she was an unknown quantity. In quick succession, her work was featured in the well-regarded exhibition “Engender” at LA’s Kohn Gallery; it was acquired by the Rubell Family Collection; Pilar Corrias Gallery announced their representation of her; David Castillo Gallery in Miami gave her a solo concurrent with art week in Miami; and her work was included – somewhat inexplicably – in Deitch and Gagosian’s show “Abstract/Not Abstract.” Needless to say, every collector now “needs to have a Quarles.” Welcome to the art world.

Christina Quarles. David Castillo Gallery.

What follows is a list of works that stood out for me in Miami. It is far from comprehensive, but then again, who can see it all? Believe me…I tried. Enjoy.

Most Memorable Discovery:

Dan Herschlein, JTT (ABMB)

Most Memorable Gallery Booths:

Paula Cooper Gallery (ABMB)

Pilar Corrias Gallery (ABMB)

Kavi Gupta (ABMB)

Hauser & Wirth (ABMB)

David Lewis (ABMB)

Galerie Ron Mandos (UNTITLED)

Monique Meloche (UNTITLED)

Pace (ABMB)

Galerie Eva Presnhuber (ABMB)

Michael Rosenfeld (ABMB)

Jack Shainman Gallery (ABMB)

Stuart Shave/Modern Art (ABMB)

Thierry Goldberg (Pop Up featuring Tschabalala Self)

Most Memorable Mixed Media Works:

David Altmejd. Stuart Shave/Modern Art (ABMB)

Radcliffe Bailey. Jack Shainman Gallery (ABMB)

Jamal Cyrus. Inman Gallery (ABMB)

Leonardo Drew. Sikkema Jenkins & Co. (ABMB)

Charles Gaines. Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects (ABMB)

James Hyde. Luis De Jesus (UNTITLED)

Clotilde Jimenez. Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (UNTITLED)

Rashid Johnson. David Kordansky Gallery (ABMB)

Kalup Linzy. David Castillo Gallery (ABMB)

Dona Nelson. Thomas Erben Gallery (ABMB)

Ebony Patterson. Monique Meloche (UNTITLED)

Deborah Roberts. Fort Gansevoort (UNTITLED)

Analia Saban. Tonya Bonakdar Gallery (ABMB)

Pae White. neugerriemschneider (ABMB)

Hannah Wilke. Alison Jacques Gallery (ABMB)

Most Memorable Paintings:

Margot Bergman. Corbett vs. Dempsey (ABMB)

Katherine Bradford. Adams Ollman (NADA)

Mark Bradford. Hauser & Wirth (ABMB)

Robert Colescott. Blum & Poe (ABMB)

Mary Corse. Lehmann Maupin (ABMB)

Holly Coulis. Cherry and Martin (ABMB)

Keltie Ferris. Moran Bondaroff (NADA)

Beverly Fishman. Kavi Gupta Gallery (ABMB)

Jared French. Michael Rosenfeld Gallery (ABMB)

Jackie Gendel. Thomas Erben Gallery (ABMB)

Goutam Ghosh. Standard (Oslo) (ABMB)

Laeh Glenn. Altman Siegel (ABMB)

Philip Guston. Hauser & Wirth (ABMB)

Heidi Hahn. Jack Hanley Gallery (NADA)

Daniel Heidkamp. LOYAL (NADA)

Loie Hollowell. Pace (ABMB)

Marc Horowitz. Johannes Vogt (UNTITLED)

Ridley Howard. Marinaro (NADA)

Shara Hughes. Rachel Uffner Gallery (NADA)

Ellsworth Kelly. Levy Gorvy (ABMB)

David Korty. Derek Eller Gallery (NADA)

Michael Krebber. Greene Naftali (ABMB)

Judith Linhares. Anglim Gilbert Gallery (UNTITLED)

Tala Madani. Pilar Corrias (ABMB)

Agnes Martin. Mary Boone Gallery (ABMB)

Eddie Martinez. Mitchell-Innes & Nash (ABMB)

Andrew Masullo. Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (NADA)

Ryan McLaughlin. Dan Gunn (NADA)

Allison Miller. The Pit (NADA)

Donald Moffett. Anthony Meier Fine Arts (ABMB)

Alice Neel. Xavier Hufkens (ABMB)

Oliver Osbourne. Moran Bondaroff (NADA)

Daniel Richter. Regen Projects (ABMB)

Julia Rommel. Standard (Oslo) (ABMB)

Dana Schutz. Petzel (ABMB)

Amy Sherald. Monique Meloche (UNTITLED)

Devan Shimoyama. Samuel Freeman (PULSE)

Emily Mae Smith. Contemporary Fine Arts (ABMB)

Jansson Stegner. Nino Mier Gallery (NADA)

Torey Thornton. Essex Street (ABMB)

George Tooker. Michael Rosenfeld Gallery (ABMB)

Richard Tuttle. Van Doren Waxter (ABMB)

Joe Wardwell. Lamontagne Gallery (UNTITLED)

Andy Warhol. (ABMB)

John Wesley. David Kordansky Gallery (ABMB)

Most Memorable Photographs: 

Julius Von Bismarck. Sies + Hoke (ABMB)  

Talia Chetrit. Kaufmann Repetto (ABMB)

William Christenberry. David Lusk Gallery (PULSE)

Sarah Cwynar. Foxy Production (ABMB)

Shannon Ebner. Sadie Coles (ABMB)

John Houck. Marianne Boesky Gallery (ABMB)

Peter Hujar. Pace/McGill (ABMB)

Alfredo Jaar. Lia Rumma (ABMB)

Barbara Kasten. Bortolami (ABMB)

Gordon Parks. Rhona Hoffman Gallery (ABMB)

Liliana Porter. Luciana Brito Galeria (ABMB)

Mohau Modisakeng. Galerie Ron Mandos (UNTITLED)

Zanelle Muholi. Yancey Richardson (UNTITLED)

Eileen Quinlan. Miguel Abreu (ABMB)

David Benjamin Sherry. Moran Bondaroff (NADA)

Pieter Schoolwerth. Miguel Abreu Gallery (ABMB)

Stephen Shore. Edwyn Houk Gallery (ABMB)

Rodrigo Valenzuela. Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer (UNTITLED)

Carrie Mae Weems. Jack Shainman Gallery (ABMB)

Most Memorable Sculpture:

Kelly Akashi. Ghebaly Gallery (NADA)

Leilah Babirye. Gordon Robichaux (NADA)

Lee Bontecou. Michael Rosenfeld Gallery (ABMB)

Louise Bourgeois. Hauser & Wirth (ABMB)

Theaster Gates. Michael Gray Gallery (ABMB)

Rachel Harrison. Greene Naftali (ABMB)

Evan Holloway. Xavier Hufkens (ABMB)

Wolfgang Laib. Alfonso Artiaco (ABMB)

Paul McCarthy. Hauser & Wirth (ABMB)

Bruce Nauman. Hauser & Wirth (ABMB)

Pace Sculpture Install. Pace (ABMB)

Ugo Rondinone. Galerie Eva Presnhuber (ABMB)

Thomas Schutte. Peter Freeman, Inc. (ABMB)

Arlene Shechet. Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects (ABMB)

Jessica Stockholder. Galerie nacht St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwalder (ABMB)

Do Ho Suh. Lehmann Maupin (ABMB)

Ricky Swallow. David Kordansky Gallery (ABMB)

Tony Tasset. Kavi Gupta (ABMB)

Oscar Tuazon. Luhring Augustine (ABMB)

Johannes VanDerbeek. Marinaro (NADA)

Brenna Youngblood. Honor Fraser (ABMB)

Most Memorable Works on Paper:

Huma Bhabba. Stephen Friedman Gallery (ABMB)

Sasch Braunig. Foxy Production (ABMB)

William Cordova. Sikkema Jenkins & Co. (ABMB)

Marsha Cottrell. Anthony Meier Fine Arts (ABMB)

Jay DeFeo. galerie frank elbaz (ABMB)

Jessica Dickinson. James Fuentes (NADA)

Roni Horn. Hauser & Wirth (ABMB)

Ellen Lesperance. Adams and Ollman (NADA)

Brice Marden. Matthew Marks (ABMB)

Emil Nolde. Galerie Thomas (ABMB)

Toyin Ojih Odutola. Jack Shainman Gallery (ABMB)

Bill Traylor. Hirschl & Adler Modern (ABMB)

Terry Winters. ULAE (ABMB)

Karl Wirsum. Corbett vs. Dempsey (ABMB)

Eric Yahnker. The Hole (UNTITLED)

Where I Spent My Week:

Steven Zevitas Gallery featuring Alex Jackson (UNTITLED)

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