James Kalm Presents Dana Shutz Piano in the Rain (Video)

You already know we enjoy James Kalm videos on our favorite artists. Dug up a few more that we'll share over the next few days. This one on Dana Shutz covering her show, Piano in the Rain at Friedrich Petzel Gallery back in June.

As reported in the video's intro, "Schutz is a favorite among the New York painting community, and because with this show she begins working with a new gallery, Friedrich Petzel, your reporter decided to stick with the precedent and cover "Piano in the Rain". With this exhibition, the artist appears to be thinning down her paint, exercising a more virtuosic and slippery brush stroke, and striving for a fresher and more spontaneous style. Melding a goofy figuration with painterly abstraction, viewers are given a choice to appreciate the narrative or the process with which these pictures are fabricated."



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