Welcome to the New American Paintings Blog. The past six months have been a time of rapid technological growth and change at our small publishing company. Our readers are now able to manage their accounts on-line for the first time, and, at long last, we have launched a digital system that allows artists to quickly and easily submit work to our competitions. While these innovations allow for more efficient communication with our audience, my hope is that the blog will radically expand the dialog and range of interaction.

Since its inception, the core focus of New American Paintings has been to discover the work of exceptional emerging painters and present them to an international audience. While the publication’s mission will remain the same moving forward, we have recently begun to present new editorial content that expands the publication’s voice. You will find these changes in the pages of New American Paintings, and, in a more immediate way, in this forum.

As the Publisher and Editor of New American Paintings, I have had a unique vantage point from which to watch the evolution of American painting over the past fifteen years. With more than six thousand artists a year submitting their work to us for review, I am privileged to have daily access to an extraordinary range of ideas and aesthetic viewpoints. My editorial team arguably has a better sense of what is currently happening in American painting than any other individual or organization in the world, and we are thrilled to now have an effective medium through which to share our insights with you.

My hope is that this blog becomes a significant forum for the continuing discourse on contemporary painting. To this end, we are developing a number of editorial threads that will allow us to more fully address the medium of painting, the artists and professionals who influence painting’s direction, and the role of painting in an ever-expanding art world. You can expect contributions from a number of art world professionals, in a variety of formats.

We are excited to effectively bring New American Paintings into the digital age. Please stay tuned, and, as always, we value your feedback.

Steven T. Zevitas

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