High Times: Todd Pavlisko at Samsøn

Installation view, Todd Pavlisko: All of Nothing, Samsøn, Boston

Todd Pavlisko gets by with a little help from his friends. We swung by Samsøn while the New York-based artist and his crew were installing (and creating) the work that makes up his first solo show in Boston, All of Nothing, including a 10-foot tall portrait of Richard Pryor made up entirely of carefully placed, differently colored plastic retail price tag fasteners. Scattered among the paintings and drawings in the show are a few sculptural installations, including a colorful nest of tall, melted bongs (excuse me, water pipes) and two works made from workout benches originally belonging to Andy Warhol.

We caught a few shots of Todd & company while they were attaching thousands of individual price tag fasteners, one by one, with price tag guns (effectively giving Pryor an especially textural afro). More pipes, and pics, after the jump!

Todd Pavlisko, The Operation for the Stone, 2011 (diptych) | Oil, acrylic, and gold leaf on canvas, 60 x 60 inches. Courtesy Samsøn, Boston.

Todd Pavlisko: All of Nothing is on view through July 9 at Samsøn, Boston.


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