Art Miami 2015

I made it over to Wynwood to see Art Miami...Hope you like these highlights! If you click on the image it should open a full size view, which I encourage. - Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Aleah Chapin, Flowers Gallery

Tim Lewis, Flowers Gallery

Charles Burwell (NAP #8, #51), Bridget Mayer Gallery

Charles Burwell 
(NAP #8, #51), Bridget Mayer Gallery

Kristen Schiele (NAP #62), Gerald Peters Gallery

Jason Middlebrooks, Gerald Peters Gallery

Andres Schiavo, New Contemporary Art

Andres Schiavo, New Contemporary Art

Susan Leopold, Zolla/Lieberman Gallery

Gottfried Helnwein, Modernism, Inc

Eric Thor Sandberg, Connorsmith.

Desire Obtain Cherish, Unix Gallery

Robert Motherwell, Lesley Feely

Faile, Gallerie Ernst Hilger

Aboudia, Ethan Cohen

Bill Thompson (NAP #7, #44), Galerie Ranate Bender

Robert and Shana Parkeharrison, Edelman Gallery

Os Gemeos, Smith Davidson

Yoyoi Kusama, Antoine Helwaser Gallery

Adam Normandin (NAP #19), Barnarducci Meisel Gallery

Alex Kanevsky (NAP #27, #45), Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Ada Sadler (NAP #49),  Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Jaq Chartier (NAP #13, #31, #61), Dolby Chadwick Gallery

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