Subscriber FAQ

Q: What is New American Paintings?
A: First published in 1993, New American Paintings is bimonthly juried exhibition in print.  Each regionally-focused edition features the work of forty painters. Working with curators from the nation’s top museums, we review the work of more than five thousand artists a year and publish the best we find.

Q: Who reads New American Paintings?
A:New American Paintings’ readership is made up of thousands of collectors, art world professionals, artists and art enthusiasts.  We also have an international subscriber base of individuals who are interested in discovering emerging American painters.

Q: Where can I find New American Paintings?
A:New American Paintings can be found on newsstands of fine bookstores and museum shops nationwide (Barnes and Noble and Borders are our largest retailers). You can also purchase subscriptions and current single editions on our website.

Q: Who is chosen to be featured in New American Paintings?
A: We have split the United States into five regions (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West and Pacific Coast) and we hold an annual MFA competition.  For each of the regions, we conduct one competition a year in which artists residing in that region may submit their work to us for consideration.  Working with curators from major museums throughout the United States, we review the entries and select 40 artists for each book.

Q: If I see a work of art that interests me, how do I go about contacting the artist?
A: Artists provide contact information for either themselves or their gallery representation. The ability to directly contact an artist is what makes our publication beneficial for you and the artist. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Q: How often does the publication come out?
A: New American Paintings is a bimonthly publication. You should see a new copy on the newsstand, or receive a new edition as part of your subscription, every two months.

An important note to our subscribers: we are currently very behind in our production schedule as a result of delays caused by the closure of our printer during the COVID-19 crisis. We are working diligently to catch up to our typical schedule, and we appreciate your patience as we work toward this goal. Please note our current Issue to identify where your subscription will start, and please note, the volumes in your subscription may not be coming bi-monthly, but you absolutely will receive all six issues included in your subscription, starting with the current Issue at the time you subscribed. Again, your patience and understanding is invaluable during this time, thank you for supporting New American Paintings!

If you would like to subscribe to New American Paintings, the only periodical solely dedicated to presenting the work of emerging painters, please click here.  If your question wasn’t answered, please email and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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