Zina Al-Shukri

Gallery Affiliations: Patricia Sweetow Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast

Each of these diptychs shows the same young lady taking disparate approaches to dress. They concern curiosity about perception. The portraits are an exploration of interactions happening in real life over extended periods of time. As I develop the image, the subject is invited to watch and respond to my progress; hence, a feedback loop occurs between us. The sitters’ image unfolds before them, creating a vulnerable and enchanted state that can often create a difficult emotional/social juncture. Giving attention or a psychological “check-in” to subjects is a key element of the work. It creates a space of dialogue where I can observe and illustrate the relationship between sitters and their experience of social conditions. This action is shaped by a full collaboration between us to create a tangible, intimate, and visceral encounter.

My process takes into consideration the notions of transition, conflict, and hybridity in and between cultures and religions, individuality and shared experience, and psychology and social determination.