Zack Wirsum

Gallery Affiliations: Jean Albano Gallery

Region: Midwest

City / State: Chicago, IL

It is my attempt to achieve a balance between the nonrepresentational and figurative elements of my work to blend into a lost and found situation that allows opportunity to discover for the viewer. I do not want my paintings to be entirely absorbed at initial read; I want them to be spent time with and new areas of interest to be continually found. Also I want the sections that reference real world to not be immediately apparent, to emerge upon study. So, as the surface is examined it becomes clear that certain sections of line work are in fact placeable forms. Also, combining tangible with a network of abstract provides a notion of scale to the shapes that exist in the atmosphere of this other place represented on the canvas.

The abstract aspects of my work derive from observation of my urban surroundings. I have created a catalog of forms inspired by components of city terrain to establish a visual vocabulary of fluid tangled structures. At times referring to power lines, building, grid systems, construction, but recontextualized to give a glimpse into an engaging elsewhere.

The figurative facets discuss my current interests and personal positioning in terms of subject and substance. Essentially this reflects a version of self portraiture that speaks not to the literal, but the interior, the imagined, vignettes of thought process in paint. The work as a whole is evidence of artistic progress and the struggle to solve the problem of occupying such space with compositional content. This offers a vision of a self conscious viewing of self as extended into the realm of the medium itself.