Zach Reini

Gallery Affiliations: Rule Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Denver, CO

My work currently explores human manufactured systems and their effect on behavior, experience, and communication. This often involves manipulating the framework of social networks, codification methods, or semiotics in order to depict the idea at hand. Through this manipulation, I am able to extract characteristics to either compound or negate the viewer’s expectations and guide their experience outside the baseline interpretation.

Systems, by nature, dictate a right and a wrong for their specified situation or they delineate specific parameters, which require strict compliance for full comprehension. I aim to employ these traits out of their usual contexts to create a dilemma for the viewer: recognition of the system, but an inability to immediately interpret its meaning. This delay of decoding caused by the condensation of information is of great interest to me in reference of the instant gratification of global culture and its available image library. Reduction to the simple rules of the “system” allows expansion of the work outward in order to approach the most successful scenario.