Zach Mory

Region: Midwest


City / State: Glen Ellyn, IL

I’ve always been interested in drawing. There is a particular process to working with graphite on paper that I find solace in. It’s no coincidence that my work has always gravitated around the medium as it holds endless mark-making possibilities while still providing a familiar starting point from which I can enter each piece. All of my drawings start with a simple question: what happens if I do this on the paper? The “this” I’m referring to is always a simple, open-ended hypothesis, like what happens when I take a tiny mark, repeat it thousands of times, and grow it to a crescendo on the page. I spend hundreds of hours on my work, escaping into a sort of creative cocoon that I stay within for as long as I’m able. Each work varies from the one to the next, ranging from minimalist, process driven drawings to vaguely narrative situations involving symbols, faces, and veiled emotions. They are both epic and minute. Yet they always share the same basic DNA: they are drawings on paper.