Yi-Hsin Tzeng

Region: South

My work is mainly focusing on looking for the shape and the color of human beings' desire. I create a kind of bodily semi liquid (which is called flows by me) to fill up my subjects, figures, space and even viewers. Flows not only represent the underneath relationship behind images but also project the absurd fantasy spurting from me. I am eager for creating my own vomiting aesthetics which bases on present popular culture and superficial communication. Most of my images are from my daily manipulative visual environment. They are too beautiful to be believed; they are too perfect to be trusted. They are so affected that I want to make fun on them. No matter how much luxurious decoration and clothing we put on, we still cannot hide our true face. After digging out their true parts underneath the flesh, we will reconstruct another pretty and messy paradise.

Cooperating with found (or ready-made) objects is a very exciting procedure for me. They not only increase the accidental chance and unexpected result but also blur the boundary between my art work and commercial images. Working with collage is similar with the procedure of playing fortune telling game. I cannot see my destination until I finished the last stroke. Besides, I enjoy observing putting opposite elements together and appreciate the conflict between them, for example, beauty and beast, smooth and rough, real and fake, hand-made and printed out and so on.