Winston Lee Mascarenhas

Gallery Affiliations: Wade Wilson Art, Craighead Green Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Dallas, TX

The experience of viewing the paintings from my recent series Variations-Vibrations should be about pleasure; viewers delve deeper and deeper into the intense colors, losing themselves in the lines that jar the surfaces of these works. The lines are predictable and steady, with rips disturbing the surface, pushing you under at intervals and marking a staccato rhythm.

The singularity of focus and process submerges both strict grids and chaotic freedom. Despite the disparate nature of these components, the two sides are held in balance: the wax is worked precisely and expressively, with color providing the emotional key both on the surface and underneath it.

I methodically build up and then incise and gouge the surface to create an overall pattern that reveals the subtle and lush under painting. The paintings hum and vibrate. Rich in tonality, they show subtle shifts of color interrupted by regular indentations, like catching a breath while sustaining a note.