William Scott

Region: Pacific Coast

 The Skyline Friendly Organization (SFO) is a spectacular spaceship that tours the world. Its mission is to promote peace on earth and good. wholesome behavior across the planet. Within the SFO is a group called the Wholesome Close Encounter (WCE) who leave the spaceship to teach the people of the world humorous good behavior. SFO people will replace the bad aliens and the evil in the world today. WCE people will bring back the lives of those who died from COVID-19 and gun violence. The new humans will become wholesome, humorous peacemakers building a better world for the twenty-first century. No more scary people, monsters, horrors. Evil aliens will be canceled in the future and replaced as WCE. SFO will become a new generation of science fiction’s humorous fantasies, bringing a better world and creating peace on earth. Within the SFO are three sexy ladies called Captain Planet Peace Makers. These friendly giant humorous peacemaker women are the younger Diana Ross of the classic ’70s, Sheila Queenzilla, and Halle Berry’s Cleopatrazilla.