William Betts

Gallery Affiliations: Holly Johnson Gallery, Plus Gallery, Richard Levy Gallery, Peter Miller Gallery, Margaret Thatcher Projects, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery

Region: West

My paintings are an investigation into the connection between the structural nature of video and digital photography as an organized collection of color and location data and their role as documentation. I have always been more concerned with the structural and social aspects of the image and its component information, and how these are transformed through layers of mediation.

To create my paintings, I use industrial production methods to achieve a level of precision that allows me to manipulate and corrupt specific aspects of this connection. The technology-based industrial methods I develop require complex workflow processes. Defining these helps me to organize my thinking and closes the loop with my aesthetic and conceptual thinking.

My practice is non-linear, and I work on several bodies of work and techniques concurrently. They inform and help clarify each other.