Wendy Heldmann

Gallery Affiliations: Marine Contemporary

Region: Pacific Coast

A building that has survived an earthquake exists as an abstraction of its former self–and enduring and ruinous scrambling of form, materials and belongings. This partially destroyed state straddles a point where structural limit meets nature’s overpowering potential, yet neither completely wins out. The depiction of the aftermath of a natural disaster in these paintings is not committed to an accurate auditing of the incomprehensible, untenable wreckage, but shows what such a site represents: the futility of invention and architecture in such a cataclysmic environmental condition.

Hybrids of prose and poetry, the titling of this series documents the winding down of a relationship between two people that eventually falls apart. This narration additionally connotes the unsettles potentiality (and probable defeat) of a civilization that generates and proliferates its own catastrophes.