Wayne Gilbert

Gallery Affiliations: G Gallery, RedBud Gallery, One9Zero6 Gallery

Region: West

Website: http://www.waynegilbert.com/

City / State: , TX

It is difficult to express exactly why I make a piece of art. Part of me just has to do it. Another part of me is cerebral and wants to figure it all out, digest the history, question the theory, and argue with the critics.

My work is made from the unclaimed and subsequently uncollected cremated remains of people left at funeral homes. They are constructed using the bones and ash, mixed with clear gel medium. There is no additional color added, as it appears each of us has our own unique earth tone color. The purpose of the work is to open a dialog as to the relationship between humankind and art. My intention is to set up a conversation concerning the question, “Just what is art and why is it such an integral part of the human psyche and sprit?” It is more about the questions than the answers.