W. Tucker

Gallery Affiliations: Koelsch Gallery, Conduit Gallery

Region: West

The work begins unplanned. I make line drawings, markings, painted strokes, and scribbles using numerous mediums, including oil, lumber stick, resin stick, charcoal, graphite, and ink. I work on either simple wood panels or choose from a collection of found materials—such as old tabletops, cabinet doors, wood blocks wrapped in canvas, and old book covers.

The drawings/markings are created primarily with my left, non-dominant, hand, which allows me to draw in an unpracticed manner. This, I hope, gives the images a deceptively simple depth akin to that of a child’s drawing. I am not conscious of representing a specific story or idea as I work. The exact meaning of a piece in many instances eludes me—I am more often struck by an emotional response to what I paint and draw.