Von Hyin Kolk

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.vonhyinkolk.com

City / State: Brooklyn, NY

 Von Hyin Kolk is a visual artist living and working in New York City. Kolk’s paintings address the tensions and idiosyncrasies of multicultural Chinese American immigrants. Her visual memoirs and depictions of nostalgic Cantonese dishes, juxtaposed with uncanny scenes and environments, are the vehicles through which she explores the margins between memory and fantasy. Through the maximal collaging of vignettes from her childhood and current daily life, she chronicles the process of assimilation as it occurs within the creation of the paintings themselves. In addition, her choice of material invokes the interstice of the assimilated experience; she mainly paints on vinyl, a synthetic material that is largely manufactured in and exported from China. While the chemical makeup of the vinyl remains an unorthodox painting surface, in using the traditional process of canvas-stretching on the vinyl, Kolk’s working process mimics her concurrent realities as having both homogenous and divergent identities.