Violet Luczak

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Arlington Heights, IL

  My current series, Your Ass Sucks Buttermilk. I Herd It Through The Bovine. Feat. Big Dairy and Nestlé, explores issues concerning big dairy, capitalism, nutrition, and social awareness through a surrealist tradition. By integrating surrealist strategies, this work exposes contemporary social issues through dreamlike, strange, and satirical narratives.

Reflecting on surrealism’s power to uncover the subconscious, my work investigates the subconscious mind of the contemporary consumer, as well as the influence of mass media on our behaviors, thoughts, and actions. As seen throughout this series, my work utilizes type and language as a tool to convey emotions and provocative messages. Through the use of humor, soft tones, whimsical characters, pastel tones, and often comical visuals, my paintings create a familiar and comfortable entry point into an otherwise disturbing topic of violence, pain, and injustice.