Vincent Falsetta

Region: West

City / State: Denton, TX

Raised in Philadelphia, I got one of my first jobs in high school in a textile factory. I was in charge of replacing empty bobbins with thread-filled ones for twelve industrial mechanical looms that were constantly spitting out used bobbins. I would rush from one loom to another, loading bobbins of different colors and thread types. I became fascinated with how threads of various colors would take on new meaning when woven into patterned fabric. My oil paintings have in part been influenced by this type of energy and the way color is “woven” in.

Though distinctly abstract, my paintings suggest waves of sound, light, or seismic activity. They evoke the natural world, contemporary culture, and the traditions of modern painting. I am interested in the physical properties of paint, the plasticity of the medium. I brush on, blend, and drag thick oil paint using a wet-on-wet technique. Variations in hand pressure, rhythm, and rate of movement produce pulsing multi-hued abstractions from a single unified paint film.