Vincent Como

Region: Northeast

The work that engages me and drives me forward is powered by Black. I approach the art-making process from the standpoint of a Color Theorist, Physicist, Alchemist, and Heavy Metal Connoisseur. My goal is to take a given structure that has an existent relationship to Black and filter it into a work of art. Research and investigations of Black Holes or Dark Matter are channeled into large-scale drawings, making subtle reference to properties specific in their composition. Concurrently, the work seeks reference points in the tradition of Western Painting, or light and perception, from sources outside of the original point of departure. These then find a unifying factor through ideas of Black or Darkness, which add layers of dense information to the work. It becomes a process of over-association, abstracted through the matrix of interconnected theories, and results in work which give the outward appearance of a Malevich/Reinhardt approach to Western Painting.