Tyler Kline

Gallery Affiliations: Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art

Region: South

Website: https://inliquid.org/artist/kline-tyler/

City / State: Stone Mountain , GA

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.” Anais Nin I begin by taking and collecting photographs. These photographs are made into Xeroxes, and printed to the vinyl record support using a gesso transfer method. The vinyl records provide: a uniform dimension, challenging circular composition, and a conceptual reminder of an era of stable but finite information recording being superseded by an era of instable yet near infinite information technologies.

Once the photographic images are transferred to the vinyl surface the editing process begins by painting out certain areas and echoing others. A selective focus begins to take shape, with details tightened in areas of interest and atmospheric brushwork balancing the composition. Signs and symbols begin to suggest themselves as the painting is brought to an organic and intuitive conclusion. The final image is a synthesis of recorded media and subjective contemplation.