Tracy Murrell

Region: South


City / State: Atlanta, GA

My work is a celebration of the beauty and grace that I see in the female form. My intent is for the viewer to slow down and find their connection to the portraits before them. Often the reflective surfaces of the work invite the viewer to see themselves in the silhouettes.

As a woman of color, I am drawn to images of women that look like me. I see and feel the poise and energy we exhibit in the world, which is so often commodified in popular media. In response to this, I offer counter-symbols of women as figures personifying grace and strength.

In my work, I explore the use of silhouettes by recontextualizing images from popular culture to use as entry points for deeper conversations on gender, race, and the perception of beauty. In my current body of work, I am focusing on the themes of identity, migration, and displacement in the human narrative by collaging hand-cut patterns, encaustic, specialty papers with the silhouettes.