Tommy Fitzpatrick

Region: West


City / State: New Braunfels, TX

In Tommy Fitzpatrick’s newest paintings, containers or structures split apart and fracture, their walls resting on each other, mirroring themselves, and angling into the suggestion of other spaces. While citing architectural forms, Fitzpatrick teases our sureness of where we are, what we know, and how we see. What happens if the walls our senses try to describe become transparent, reflective, or unstable? Fitzpatrick alludes to a contemporary moment in which even seemingly stable knowledge is called into question. Sight and perception are at the root of the artist’s investigations, and he pushes toward a kind of insoluble discrepancy between the two. Indeed, he wants to provoke visual doubt. Fitzpatrick writes, “In my paintings, a structural solution is offered to the spectator, yet, even while one is still looking, even before the solution can be comprehended, it has already been put in question.”