Tommy Fitzpatrick

Gallery Affiliations: Inman Gallery, Charles Cowles Gallery, Schultz Contemporary, Holly Johnson Gallery

Region: West

Tommy Fitzpatrick’s Flatland is a new series of paintings depicting artist-made geometric sculptures inspired by Edwin Abbott Abbot’s 1884 novella Flatland. In the story, a fanciful satire of Victorian social structure, a square that lives in twodimensional Flatland contemplates the existence of additional (and fewer) dimensions, following a series of dreams and an encounter with a sphere from three-dimensional Spaceland. Fitzpatrick’s acrylic-on-canvas paintings, each titled after a chapter in the book, recreate the liberties and limitations in comprehending a perspective other than one’s own, and the interplay of dimensions in a painting. Each image is a 2D representation of a 3D object that, in turn, imperfectly expresses fourth and fifth dimensions. As with Fitzpatrick’s previous paintings of glass and steel architectural facades, light plays a significant role, here casting strong shadows that create additional 2D representations within the painting. Fitzpatrick’s abstract, pictorially dimensional Flatland paintings also play with Clement Greenberg’s modernist ideal of flatness as a defining characteristic and aspiration of painting.